Dates To Remember

  • PLC to stock Community Chuckwagon in January
  • January -Cooking Merit Badge
  • February -First Aid MB review
  • FEB 10-11 PLC to ILST Sat 1pm to Sun Noon
  • FEB 17-18-19 Winter camp at WMC
  • MAR 9-10-11 Conquistador Council Camporee at Ft Stanton
  • APRIL 12 - Court of Honor

El Paso history tour January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

What better way to start a new year than with a field trip and-in my book-a historic themed field trip is the absolute best kind!  We started at the Fort Bliss Museum which has lots of static displays out front.

Once inside they all took off and explored the life sized dioramas of the museum.  From the civil war period up through the most recent deployments, there was something that each of them really liked.  From hands on RPGs to the gun display with the M1Garand, the Medic transport to the Sherman tank-we saw everything.  

From there we explored Ft Bliss a bit more and went by Old Post Bliss and checked out some Eagle projects that were done there.  Then to Furr's Buffet for an all you could eat-to each his own- lunch.  

And then on to downtown to the El Paso Holocaust Museum   where, in this small space they shared the enormous tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust.  With videos to tell the story as the parts began to unfold there were real historical artifacts that…

Happy New Year!!!

FIRST THINGS FIRST---Parents if you are receiving this blog in an email, please click the link and go directly to the blog page and check the calendar dates that I try to keep updated with important dates to plan around.  I was recently made award that the email does not have the dates included.  Please comment and let me know you made it :)

I hope and pray that 2018 is the year of the Scout and we can get a few Eagle projects underway! Don't forget that our meeting will now start at 6:00PM. I am hoping this makes it easier for everyone to get into uniform and get a snack before we start. Meetings will run until about 7:30PM.

I want to give you all a bit of an update. Effective immediately the PLC (Patrol Leaders Council-made up of the boy leaders) decided that Adam Lenzo will take over as SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) to help get the troop back on track to being boy led. The new Scouts have not really seen an effective SPL in action and the PLC will be working on some fun p…

Peace Light North America

Hello Scout families!

I was approached a couple of days ago about an amazing opportunity to bless others through discipleship.  We have been offered the Peace Light by a troop in Albuquerque.  Please look at this link

Or look at

We will be receiving the Peace Light on Wednesday, Dec 20 at 7pm in the Fellowhip Hall at church and then in Thursday we will be loading up and driving the light to Artesia to share with First Methodist Church and BSA Troop 288.  We will leave Ruidoso about 2pm and the reception will be at 5:15pm in Artesia.  We will then eat dinner and head home to be here about 9pm.  If your Scout can participate please let me know.  Boys will need dinner money and we will use the NEW church van.

Merry Christmas and may your holidays be blessed!


Santa's Helpers NEEDS HELP

Howdy everyone!!

Santa's Helpers NEEDS HELP!  Each year we take the time to go help wrap and box gifts for families around Lincoln County.  Then some of the lucky ones get to go help deliver to the families. We have a limited opportunity this year as the process has been streamlined to make better use of all the volunteers time.  SSOOO  --December 2 from 10am till Noon-all Scouts (and parents, grandparents and sibling over 10 years old) that are in town-are invited to First Christian Church up on Hull Rd. to help make Christmas a little merrier for some of the children in our community. 
I know that some of the boys will be gone to the football State playoff games in either Ruidoso vs Roberson in Las Vegas or Capitan vs Eunice in Eunice.  Bring home the win RHS and CHS!!!  Some may have to work, but the rest of us will just have to work a little more diligently in their absence.  We may have a make us day when we can all try to go again!

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!

Yours …

ABQ field trip

Some of the boys were not able to go and I hope they will be able to go on our next adventure.

We loaded up 11 Scouts and 3 leaders at 6:30am and headed to Albuquerque to go visit a couple of museums AND have lunch at Dion's Pizza!

We went to the Unser Racing Museum and had a tour through the generations of the Unser family racing empire. 

After our fill of cars of all types and sizes we loaded in to the van and headed to Dion's Pizza. We need to remember the Pike's Peak race that the Unsers have won so many times when we get to Colorado this next summer.  

From there we went to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.  There was WWII history about the reason the US needed to have an atomic program.  There were airplanes out back for us to all get to see close up.  There was a section on the Cold War and then nuclear medicine.  A great hands on area about energy and then the section about the hazards and benefits of nuclear energy.  Then a small area about Nano…